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For many Mennonites, this suddenly opens the door to many things, a lot of them things that they’ve always chafed at not being allowed to do! There are a number of things I’ve realized to be truth, and it’s been hard to know what to do with some of them. If I know ‘Jane’ will be hurt by me telling her how I felt, I’ll hold my tongue – even if I’m dying to let her know how I feel! If I know it would feel kind to ‘Susie’ to be told how I felt, I’ll tell her – even if that’s hard for me. If I know that having supper ready when he comes home from work makes him feel loved, I will want to do everything I can to make that happen! Where can one find pictures of Beyonce without makeup? For instance, He says “Be ye kind one to another”. God commands us to be kind. This is what God calls us to.

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He doesn’t call us to keeping a list, He calls us to Holiness. He doesn’t call us to a long list of specifics, He calls us to TRUTH.If I love Chris, I will want to do what I know makes him feel loved. We know that if we love God we will obey his commandments. But, on the other hand, I feel the most loved by Chris when he does the things that make me feel loved without me ever saying anything, ya know? It is not as crucial that everyone in my church looks the same as I once thought.Some of those things I knew before, some of it I just never stopped to spell out. God doesn’t spell every little thing out about how to be kind, He leaves that up to us to figure out. Something I can hold my head up proudly over and say, “Well, hey! I had supper ready when you got here!”Same way with God. Is “Can I get to Heaven if I do this?” the best question to ask when trying to decide how God would have me live? If, however, I truly love God and want with all my heart to show that by being kind, I will do everything I can to figure out what would feel kind to ‘Susie’ and ‘Jane’. Content has been created with the help of GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

The need to make a decision about a church has forced me to look at what I really hold as truth in my heart. I think that’s why we see the “Rules” and the “Heart” sides so strongly. If my lifestyle doesn’t save me, why am I bothering to keep it? Shoot, if there are going to be non-Mennonites in Heaven why am I even a Mennonite? There are a few advantages of reading articles on these websites for news of Uganda. Articles covering space, fossils, physics, weather, the environment and many other things are offered. There are certainly some things about it that I wouldn’t mind doing without! What is not tradable are reports like the Beige Book because there is no concrete number for comparison, data is released weekly, and any Japanese or Swiss economic reports are almost always overshadowed by the general sentiment in the market. It gives us a picture of how the real world looks like and provides us with a clearer perception. In my struggle to figure out what to do with truth, it’s felt sometimes like my Mennonite upbringing and the mindset that’s given me are more of a curse than a blessing!

Give us a list that we can go “check, check, check – I’m good!” any day over having to figure out what needs to be done. People, as a general rule, want a “to do list” in life. Considering that the right place and time are prerequisites for the success of the mission, life of the perpetrator is considered expendable. Their “homes” had changed, their way of life hadn’t. After all, “Can I do this and Chris will stay married to me?” is not really the best way to have a good marriage relationship! And the truth, after all, is what sets a person free. If I do everything on the list I am a good person! And those who want it badly will usually end up doing it anyway regardless of a rule.Rules tend to promote self righteous, works based people who “earn” their salvation by doing the “to do list”.